Countdown to Christmas . . .and Shenanigan's First Litter due on Christmas Day!

Catskill Country Austrailian Labradoodles

Unlike first generation Labradoodles, Australian Labradoodles are multi-generational and will reliably possess the traits associated with the breed.  Austrailian Labradoodles come from generations of non-shedding coats, are hypo-allergenic, incredibly smart, loyal, playful and loving.  Here at Catskill Country Labradoodles, we breed only ALAA registered Austrailian Labradoodles from trusted and proven lineages.  We bree dhealthy, strong lines with an emphasis on consistency of gentle, clam temperment along with the classic labradoodle "look" - boxy head and beautiful wavy or curly coats.  Our puppies are raised here in our home with all the love, attention and solialization they need before moving into their forever homes.