Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Phannie's Past Litters

Litter 1 - Signature Phannie X Barksdale Red Wizard

Phannie loves puppies!  It was exciting to see how attentive and loving she was with her own.  She has a ridiculous amount of milk, and had no trouble keeping up with the demands of these 8 gorgeous pups.  This first litter was born about a month before Halloween, so one of the reasons we named these pups after some serious chocolate bars and companies.  The other was that Phannie's name reminds us of the most famous Fanny we know . . .Fanny Farmer whose delicious treats we grew up on.  In this group we have Hershey, Nestle, Clark, Reese, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Almond Joy, Gertrude, and Peppermint Patty!  One of the pups in this litter is an avid swimmer thanks to his parents enrolling him in swimming lessons when he was still very small.  Another pup, who had not formal training, just a heightened intelligence and love for his human, alerted parents to a child who was having a seizure.  Almond Joy is now part of our breeding program.  She lives in a fantastic guardian home.  You will know her as "Arya".  

Litter 2 - Signature Phannie X Barksdale Red Wizard

Oops we did it again!  Phannie and Ozzie had their second litter on the day after Thanksgiving. . . and they had exactly enough puppies to be named after the 8 reindeer that pull Santa's sleigh - Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.  Rudolph can be found in Anjali's litter that was born on exactly the same day!  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to add one of these beautiful pups to our breeding program so "Dasher" became "Ginger" and is living her best life with a guardian family in the town next to us.  At least one of these pups is destined to be a therapy dog at an elementary school.

Phannie's Litter 3

Signature's Phannie X Ivylane's Max

We were feeling lucky, lucky, lucky when these pups were born!  First of all, there were TEN in the litter - a huge litter for a rather small girl.  Second, the were born right around Saint Patrick's Day and third, well, just look at the patterns and colors!  We hit the jackpot!!  We decided to name this litter Phannie's Luck of the Irish Litter and we named them simply fun sounding Irish words.