Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Pricing / Payment

As of November 1st, 2020, the price of a Catskill Country Australian Labradoodle is $3000.  

This price includes the following items and experiences to help you experience some of the magic of the first 8 weeks of your puppy's life as well as help your puppy have a seamless transition from our home to yours:

Book - As soon as you commit to a litter, you become part of that female's litter family.  We will send each of you, snail mail, one of our favorite puppy rearing books, The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete.  I am a retired English teacher so I will assign you "homework".  :)  As the puppies age, I will encourage you to read the chapter that focuses on the particular stage that your puppy is experiencing.  It is our hope that by reading about what puppies can see and do during these periods, we can share some of the magic of these early stages of puppyhood with you.

* Almost Daily Pictures & Videos - We text the puppy family a couple of pictures and/or a short video or two of the puppies just about every day.  Sometimes they are so stinkin' cute, that I send a bunch.  I might be busy and not send the another day.  We try to get you as involved in their growth and their cute little antics from ages 1- 8 weeks as possible.  We then ask you to return the favor and send us pictures and videos when they get to your home!

*Socialization - starting at day 3, we begin the very important task of socializing your puppy.  We do early neurological stimulation exercises with all of our puppies from days 3-16.  We also weigh, handle and basically love on the puppies from day 1, every single day they are with us.  As soon as the pups can hear, we begin to socialize them to all different kinds of sounds, focusing on those that tend to give dogs trouble - sirens, babies crying, fireworks, thunder storms, horns honking, etc.  We play audios for them each day with their morning meal to get them used to all sorts of sounds.  As the pups get older, we invite friends and family over to our home to play with the pups and get them used to other people (we find we have A LOT of friends when we ask for people to visit our puppies!)  :)  As the pups get even older, we will take them for a ride in the car once or twice, take them for off leash walks around the farm and give them lots of "alone time", time when we focus on just one puppy and not the entire litter.  As they mature, we provide the pups with appropriate stress, stimulation, toys and obstacles for their age, things such as tunnels, crawl blocks, and puzzle toys.  We know that proper socialization for the first 16 weeks of your puppy's life is the most important thing you can do to create the dog of your dreams for your family.  Please know we take our 8 weeks of this period very seriously and spend much time, energy and love on each and every puppy.

*ZOOM Meetings - One day a week, decided on by the puppy family, we ZOOM with you.  The camera is on the puppies the entire time as we chat and answer any questions you have.  We will hold each puppy up in both the beginning of the "meeting" and at the end so you can see a close up of her face, markings and coat.  As the pups get older, we will begin to discuss their personalities with you as well.  We usually start conducting the Zoom meetings when the pups are about 3 weeks old.

* Health Exam & Microchip - At 6 weeks of age, our vet will conduct a wellness exam on each pup.  She will give first vaccinations and implant a microchip.  You will received detailed records of this visit and of the health of your new puppy.

*Puppy Aptitude Test - at 7 weeks of age, pups will go through the ten stations of the Volhard Puppy Personality Test.  The test and results are explained in the book we send you.  The results help some families chose which puppy they want to be a part of their family. 

* Meet & Greet - at about 7 weeks of age, we invite all of the puppy families to our farm to meet and play with the puppies.  We eat cookies and cupcakes and hang on the floor while puppies crawl all over us.  It's a great way to get to know the puppies - and each of the other families that will be taking home a littermate - before you take yours home.  

* Puppy Pack - we believe that you should spend the first weeks with your puppy just getting to know and love her.  We don't want you fussing with having to go out and buy this or that because you didn't think of it.  We also want to provide our puppies with the smoothest transition from our home to yours as possible so we try to provide everything you will need for the first several weeks.  Pups will be used to the food, treats and smells of our home.  We feel that this makes this drastic change in a puppy's life so much easier.  We figure it is close to $200 in value.  In your puppy pack, you will find:

1.  Kibble - our pups are used to eating Life's Abundance Small/Medium Puppy food.  It is a premium quality food that can be reordered on our website.  We provide you with a 6.5 pound bag which will last you about two weeks.  Life's Abundance is super about shipping out right away.  You usually get your order in two days after ordering.

2.  Canned Food - our pack includes a few cans of Life's Abundance canned dog food as well.  You can use this as a "topper" for your pup if she is being finicky one day.

3.  Bone Broth - we find pups and dogs alike really like bone broth.  Again, you might not need this for weeks or even months, but it is there in case your puppy is being picky.  You can use it to top off the kibble as a special treat for your puppy.

4.  Pumpkin - basically because your puppy might be a little stressed over the move, she may have some lose poops.  The first line of defense for this is a tablespoon or so of pumpkin.  It usually clears this right up.  

5.  Pro-bios - we give you several packets of what we think are the best pro biotics on the market.  Again, if your puppy has an upset tummy, you have these.

6.  A blanket that has mama and littermate's scent - these blankets are "new" but we put them in our puppy room a week or so before the pups go.  We give them about a day right with all of the pups too to make sure they have all the wonderful and familiar scents of your puppy's first home.

7.  Biodeodorizer - this might just be our favorite product from Life's Abundance!  It neutralizes the smell of any accidents your puppy may have.  It keeps your house smelling like your home, even if your puppy has an accident or two.

8.  Treat - Tasty Rewards - Life's Abundance offers these tiny little delicious morsels to help train your puppy.

9.  Treat - Lamb & Venison Jerky - again, made by Life's Abundance, these treats are irresistible and work well for training.

10.  Chew Treats - Smart Bones, Pig Ears, Marrow Bones or Deer Antlers - these are non-raw hide bones that will give your pup something healthy and natural to chew on.

11. Chew Treats - Buffalo Lungs by Life's Abundance- our dogs LOVE these.  They are a bigger treat and your pup will enjoy chewing on them for sure.

12.  Chew Treats - Bully Sticks - We have never met a puppy or dog that didn't devour them!

13.  Ear Care Formula - Doodles have fur everywhere, and I mean everywhere!  It's important to keep their ears clean and plucked (your groomer can do this if you are not comfortable with it)  Use the ear cleaner once or twice a week to keep your puppy's ears clean and healthy.

14.  Starter Collar and Leash - you may want to get a harness or a special collar with penguins or whatever on it, but to get you started, we provide a collar and leash suitable for your puppy when you bring her home.  Once she is with you for a few weeks, you can get a perfect size and color harness or collar for her.

15.  Flea Comb - this is more for you to start the grooming process with your puppy immediately when you get her.  A flea comb is just the perfect size to comb through your puppy's fur when she is lying by you at night.  It gets her used to the process of grooming at an early age.  We begin combing our pups here before they go home to you.

* A Two Year Health Guarantee - all of our breeding dogs are extensively tested and screened for genetic diseases and structural soundness.  

* A Lifetime of Support and Friendship - we grow to love each and every pup raised here in our home.  It is our #1 goal that each CCL puppy has an incredible life with a loving family.  We will do everything and anything that we can to help you and your puppy.  We love to stay in contact with our CCL families and our CCL puppies.