Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

About Us

Our home is a 140 acre alpaca farm located in the foothills of The Catskill Mountains.  We have lived here and farmed here for more than 25 years.  Our farm consists of about 80 acres of woodlands and forest and about 60 acres of open fields.  We have huge gardens, 2 barns that house our alpacas, beautiful streams and a spring fed pond.  It is the perfect spot to breed, raise and train our Australian Labradoodles. 
John and I have 20+ years of breeding experience with alpacas.  We breed only full Peruvian alpacas, many with direct lineages from the most respected ranch in the world, The Accoyo Ranch in Peru.  Our alpacas have the most excellent bloodlines, excellent EPDs and consistently produce offspring that are improvements over both sire and dam.  When we began researching Australian Labradoodles, we were impressed with the similar philosophy and the desire for consistent fleece and personality traits that the ALAA strives for.  It is with careful selection and multi-generational labradoodle lineage that Australian Labradoodles are able to continually reproduce themselves with the desired traits of being hypoallergenic and non-shedding.We decided to bring Labradoodles into our lives after breeding AKCLabrador Retrievers for many years.  Labradors are such friendly, loving and loyal companions that we didn't think we would ever have any other breed, but when researching Australian Labradoodles, we knew we had to give them a try.  We always had mixed reactions about Labradoodles in general.  Some were adorable puppies but grew into adults that were much less visually appealing with straight, wiry fur.  Others had tremendous amounts of energy and drive that we just couldn't keep up with.  Australian Labradoodles are different.  Because they have been bred to other Australian Labradoodles for many generations, they consistently look and act like the breed intends them to.  They are super-smart, very easy to train, and calm.   They are different than Labs because they don't stay in their "puppy stage" for 4+ years with limitless energy.  They also don't leave hair tumbleweeds all around my house from shedding.  They are different than 1st generation Labradoodles because you know what your puppy will look like and act like based on many years and many generations of breeding.                                                                                                  Our Australian Labradoodles are part of our family.  Puppies born here are the result of careful selection and breeding for temperament, health, and that cute, forever Labradoodle look.  They are raised with the best care and our commitment for complete socialization and early training.  All of our dogs live right here with us and enjoy the farm life as much as we do, playing and learning outside as well as inside.  They are our companions and best friends.