Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Upcoming Litters

Updated January 18, 2023

 Signature's Phanny X Ivylane's To the Max   BRED

Accepting Reservations

Small Mediums

Litter Due - Mid March                   Go Home Day - Mid May

This is Max's first litter and boy, oh boy, are we excited!  This litter promises to be a spectacular mix of partis, phantoms, black and even some red, apricot or cream pups!  We expect pups to be 25-35 pounds when mature.  They will be friendly and people lovers just like their parents.  Pups will have non shedding soft fleece coats.  

Marley X Odie

Accepting Reservations


Litter Due - Early May             Go Home Day - Early July

Marley and Odie are good friends.  They grew up together and still see each other occasionally.  Both dogs are beloved by their guardians and love to cuddle and play.  We expect nothing but cream, apricot and red from this pairing.  Some will have white markings.  Pups should mature to be right around 35-40 pounds or so.  They will have absolutely gorgeous, soft, non-shedding fleece coats and be intelligent and loving just like their parents.

Nya X Odie

Accepting Reservations


Due Date-Early May      Going Home Day - Early July

We expect exceptional puppies from these two!  There should be some apricot pups and some black pups.  Some will have white markings.  We are hoping for a phantom or two as well.  These pups will be mediums - right around 35-40 pounds when mature.  Coats and temperaments should be wonderful.  Both guardians adore these two dogs.  Nya's last litter was born on May 4 and went home July 4 - perfect for those of you who want to be home all summer with your puppy.


Ginger X Thurman Munson

Accepting Reservations


 Due Date - July           Go Home Date - September

Some dogs were just meant to be bred together.  These two are a perfect example of this!  Ginger and Thurman Munson should produce pups that look like them - apricot or red, many with white markings like they have.  These pups will be super loving and friendly and will love to cuddle, just like their parents do.  They will be happy, tail waggers and will have gorgeous coats that will not shed and will be soft and subtle.  Ginger and TM's pups should be between 18-28 pounds when mature.  


Daisy X Thurman Munson

Accepting Applications

 Minis - Small Mediums

Due Date - July     Go Home Date - September

We are just so thrilled for a litter from these two!  Playful, loving and intelligent, their puppies will not only be beautiful in shades of apricot and red, but also perfect family dogs.  Many will have white markings like their Mom and Dad.  Daisy weighs in at 32 pounds and Max at 17.  Pups from this litter should be in this range, most of them in the 20-30 range.  Typically speaking if you want a smaller adult dog, choose a smaller 8 week old puppy.  If you want a larger adult dog, choose the larger 8 week old puppy.  


Cricket X Barkley

Accepting Reservations

Small Mediums          

Due Date - July 2023                 Go Home Date - September 2023

We toyed with the idea of breeding Cricket to Thurman Munson, but she and Barkley have had such gorgeous litters that it's hard to stray from this pairing!  They have chocolates, phantoms and partis.  Some have white markings like their mama too.  All of the pups from these two have been pure delights as puppies and as they've grown up too.  Super temperaments, non-shedding, soft coats and cuddly personalities will come out of this pairing.  How can we not do it again??!!  :)  Pups will be small mediums in size - about 25-30 pounds.  


Arya X Barkley

Accepting Reservations

Small Mediums

Due - August 2023                  Go Home - October 2023

These two are meant to be together.  They have the same, super-soft wavy fleece coats and the same "I want to be with you all the time" kind of personalities.  Sweet, beautiful and smart, their puppies will follow in their footsteps . . .and wait until you hear about the colors!  We expect red, apricot, black and chocolate from these two.  Wait there is more!  Some will have white markings.  Some will be parti.  Some will be phantom.  Talk about a rainbow litter!  We expect puppies from Arya and Barkley to be about 30 pounds when mature.