Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Upcoming Litters

Signature's Phannie X Barksdale's Red Wizard

Large Medium / Small Standard (35-40 pounds)

Litter Due - May 2021        Go Home Date - July    

Phannie's Last Litter - 9 puppies

The last time we paired these two, we were wowed by the pups!  There were blacks, black with white markings, creams, apricots, apricots with white markings and even a phantom!  These pups all inherited their parent's wonderful dispositions.  They are friendly, loving, playful and loyal.  Because we liked the puppies so much, we decided to repeat the breeding!   We expect Phannie to go into heat in January, have puppies in March and the go home date would be sometime in May.  For more pictures of Ozzie and Phannie, please visit Our Dogs page.  


Classic City's Anjali X Barksdale's Red Wizard

Minis to Small Mediums  

Litter Due - May 2021    Go Home Date - July 2021

Jali's Last Litter - 6 puppies

Anjali is a 25 pound ALD that packs all the love and cuddles of a full size AL doodle into a petite package.  She is being paired with Red Wizard, aka "Ozzie" for her second litter with him.  Their first litter produced absolutely gorgeous chocolate pups - all with white tuxes and spotting.  Their pups will be intelligent, easy to train and devoted to their owners.  Phannie and Jali went into heat their last cycle together and raised their last set of puppies together.  We expect the same thing to happen this year - heat in January, puppies in March and the go home date sometime in May.   To see more pictures of Anjali or Red Wizard, please see our Dogs page.

Catskill's Darby X Barksdale's Red Wizard

 Small Standard (40-45 pounds)

Litter Due - July 2021           Go Home Date - September 2021

This is Darby's First Litter - average size is 6-8

Meet Darby - an absolutely gorgeous jet black girl with incredible shiny and soft curls.  She is a pup from Shenanigan, aka "Annie", our foundation ALD.  This will be her first litter, and we are pairing her with Red Wizard, not only because he is our super-stud, but also because their pairing should produce pups of many colors.  We expect black, chocolate, cream, and apricot.  Many of them should have white markings.  These pups will be just like their parents - a wonderful combination of intelligence and devotion.  To see more pictures of Darby or Red Wizard, please go to our Dogs page.  

IvyLane Peach X ??


 Large Medium / Small Standard (35-45 pounds)

Litter Due - July 2021           Go Home Date - September 2021

Peach's last litter - 9 puppies

Peach is a gorgeous white and apricot parti small standard girl.  She had a beautiful litter on New Year's Eve 2020.  We are searching right now for the perfect mate for her next litter.  We would like to breed her to a chocolate or black standard parti male for a hopeful litter of black or chocolate and white parti puppies.  Peach is very athletic, very loving and is an awesome mother who tends to her puppies with nothing but love and affection.  

 Catskill's Scarlet X Barksdale's Red Wizard

Standard (40-55 pounds)

Litter Due - July 2021           Go Home Date - September 2021

Scarlet's last litter - 10 puppies

Scarlet is our first puppy to have puppies!  She had an incredible litter of all reds, apricots and a couple of creams.  We are absolutely certain that we want to breed her back to Ozzie for a hopeful repeat performance!  Scarlet is a beautiful, loving girl who always wants to be petted and be by your side.  Ozzie rounds out the breeding by being super playful and athletic.  Their pups will be easy to train and devoted.