Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Upcoming Litters

Signature's Phannie X Barksdale's Red Wizard


Medium  (30- 35 pounds)

Litter Due - December 2021        Go Home Date - February 2022    

Phannie's Last Litter - 9 puppies

We are excited to pair these two phantoms together for Barkley's very first litter!  We expect a litter with many phantom doodles (in this case black with tan points) and perhaps some black and black with white markings.  These pups will be incredibly sweet and loving like their mom and dad.  They should mature to be right around 30 pounds.


Catskill's Cassie X Signature's Odie


Medium (30-40 pounds)

Litter Due - December 2021      Go Home Date - February 2022

 This is Cassie's first litter


Cassie is the daughter of our beloved Shenanigan and Red Wizard.  She is an outstanding dog in every way.  She is gorgeous, super intelligent and faithful and loving.  We will be breeding her to Odin (aka - "Odie"), an adorable 30 pound apricot boy with a white tux, white feet and a white muzzle.  He is super sweet and playful.  Based on the looks and personalities of these two dogs, their pups should be close to perfect.  :)  We expect all creams, apricots and perhaps red.  Some will have white markings and should mature to approximately 30-40 pounds.

Catskill's Darby X Barksdale's Barkley




This is Darby's first litter 

Litter Due - December 2021      Go Home Date - February 2022

This should be an exceptionally fun litter.  Any and every color is possible with this pairing!  We could get creams, reds and apricots as well as black and brown.  Since both of these parents carry parti, we expect many of the pups to have wonderful white markings and some to be white with colored markings!  Both Darby and Barkley are dogs that loved to be cuddled.  They are both playful and love their humans more than anything in the world!  These pups should be right around 30-40 pounds when mature.

Catskill's Arya Joy X Signature's Odie 




Litter Due - January 2022   Go Home Date - March 2022

This will be Arya's first litter

 If you are looking for apricot puppies, this is the litter for you!  We expect lots of apricot and possibly red and cream puppies from this pairing.  Many will have white markings.  Arya is about the sweetest dog you can imagine.  She is super smart and absolutely gorgeous.  Odie also has an incredible personality.  He is vibrant and playful.  Their puppies will inherit their beautiful looks as well as their wonderful temperaments.  Puppies will mature to be about 30-35 pounds.


Catskill's Cricket X Barksdale's Barkley 



This is Cricket's First Litter

Litter Due - January 2022   Go Home Date - March 2022

This will be Cricket's first litter

We are expecting lots of chocolate from this litter!  There may be some solid chocolates, some chocolate partis (white with chocolate spots) and some chocolate pups with white spots.  We expect there may be a cream or apricot puppy with or without spots too!  Any way they come out, one thing is for sure - they are going to be very cute!  Cricket has perhaps the nicest coat I have ever felt on a doodle.   It is thick and slightly wavy.  It's super soft and kind of slick.  Paired with Barkley, their pups' coats should look and feel wonderful.  Both of these parents are sweet and calm.   They are loving and affectionate.  Their pups personalities will shadow theirs.  Puppies from this litter will mature to be about 25-30 pounds.