Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Upcoming Litters

Updated September 20, 2023

Please know that these are our planned litters.  We will only breed our dogs if we have reservations for the litter.  So if you are interested in a particular litter, please let us know.   Also due to Mother Nature being in control, sometimes the dates are a bit later or earlier than we plan.

Bailey X Thurman Munson

Accepting Reservations


Due - December/January      Go Home Day - February/March

These will be some of the smallest puppies we produce.  Bailey weighs in at 20 pounds and Thurman Munson at just over 20 pounds.  Both Bailey and Thurman have OFA certified "Excellent" hips.  These pups will be super small, super sweet and super healthy.  We expect all chocolate pups in a wide variety of patterns.  Some should be chocolate and white parti (like Bailey).  Some should be chocolate phantom.  There could be solid chocolate and chocolate with wonderful white markings too.  These pups will be easy to train and have non-shedding soft fleece coats like their parents.  


Joey X Tango

Accepting Reservations

Small Standards

Due - January 24                           Go Home Day - March 24

Joey is a gorgeous girl who inherited her dad (Ozzie's) beautiful straight fleece coat.  We have chosen to do an outside breeding for her with Country's Takin' Care of Business (aka - Tango) for a spectacular litter of red and apricot puppies right after the new year.  Their coats should be straight to wavy non-shedding fleece coats that are lustrous and silky soft.  Pups will be outgoing and playful and loving, just like their mom and dad!! 

Delilah X Thurman Munson

Accepting Reservations


Due - January 24                           Go Home Day - March 24

We are going to have tiny little bundles of love from these two!  We expect puppies that will top out at 20-25 pounds from these two sweet dogs.  They will all be chocolate and with a wonderful variety of patterns - some will be solid, some with white markings (like their Dad), some parti (white with chocolate spots like their Mom) and some may even be chocolate phantom!  Coats will be super soft, non-shedding and a joy to run your hands through.  We expect confident, balanced pups who love to snuggle.

Norah X Thurman Munson

Accepting Reservations


Due Date - January 24              Go Home Day - March 24

If you are looking for a small red puppy, this may be your best choice!  We expect red and apricot puppies that should only be about 20-22 pounds when full grown.  Some will have white markings like their dad.  Norah's pups have been notoriously gorgeous with amicable temperaments.  With Norah's good looks and track record paired with Thurman's disposition and handsome appearance, well, you can just imagine these puppies!

Marley X Romeo

Accepting Reservations


Due Date - April 2024                 Go Home Date - June 2024

Just look at these two!  Their puppies are going to be gorgeous red, apricot and caramel, mostly solid beauties.  They will mature to be about 45-55 pounds and will be ready to go to their forever homes at the beginning of summer vacation - perfect timing for many of us!   Both parents are extremely intelligent, loving and athletic; their puppies should be just like them in looks and personality!

Phannie X Thurman Munson

Accepting Reservations

Minis - Small Mediums

Due Date - June 2024           Go Home Date - August 2024

Phannie has given us some of the best puppies this world has to offer - just ask any of the owners of a Phannie puppy!!  Phannie is extremely loving and cuddly, and her eyes . . .she has the best eye contact of any dog we've ever met.  And this is her retirement litter, your last chance to get a puppy from this special dog!  We are breeding her to Thurman Munson and their puppies will be about 25-30 pounds.  We are expecting a wonderfully patterned litter of reds and blacks with partis and phantoms and spotted pups.  

Ginger X Thurman Munson

Accepting Reservations

Minis to Small Mediums

Due Date - June 2024          Go Home Date - August 2024

The Monks of New Skete (respected breeders and authors of best selling training books) will tell you that there are three things that determine the personality of a dog - the breed, the parents, and the socialization.  If you are considering this litter, please read the description of Phannie's litter as Ginger is a Phannie puppy!  Ginger inherited her mother's wonderful demeanor and people-friendly attitude.  I love visiting Ginger at her guardian home as she cuddles up in my lap and gives me puppy kisses!  Ginger paired with Thurman Munson (who is also, by the way, a lover of people!!) will bring striking red and white puppies who live up to all the hype about Australian Labradoodle personalities.  They will mature to be about 25-30 pounds.


Cricket X Barkley

Accepting Reservations

Small Mediums (30 pounds)       

Due Date - July 2024         Go Home Date - September 2024

This is Cricket's retirement litter!  Cricket is an incredible dog and has had incredible puppies.  We are going to miss having her in our breeding program!  She is a gentle, balanced, friendly girl who is a joy to be around.  We are breeding her to Barkley because, well, their last litter was nothing short of stunning!  There may be a red or apricot in the litter, but the bulk of their puppies will be chocolate - chocolate parti, chocolate phantom and chocolate with white markings.  There may even be a solid puppy in the mix!  These puppies will be right around 30 pounds when mature.  They will be sweet, playful, adorable pups that will grow up to be wonderful family dogs.