Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

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 Updated June 9, 2024


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Minis - Small Mediums

Due Date - July 2024           Go Home Date - September 2024

Phannie has given us some of the best puppies this world has to offer - just ask any of the owners of a Phannie puppy!!  Phannie is extremely loving and cuddly, and her eyes . . .she has the best eye contact of any dog we've ever met.  And this is her retirement litter, your last chance to get a puppy from this special dog! She has been bred to Thurman Munson for a litter of reds (solid reds, reds with white markings and white with red markings possible) and blacks (solid black, black with white markings, white with black markings and black phantoms) They will be about 20-30 pounds as adults.  Since both Phannie and Thurman are extremely people oriented, we expect these pups to be super devoted, loving family dogs - very affectionate.

Clio X Thurman Munson

Accepting Reservations


Due Date - August 2024       Go Home Date - October 2024

We expect this to be a powerhouse of a breeding!  Clio is a chocolate tri phantom weighing in at 20 pounds.  Thurman is a red tuxedo guy weighing in at 21 pounds.  We expect their puppies to be right around 20 pounds when mature.  Both mom and dad are outgoing and friendly and loving.  They both are "show stoppers" - meaning when their guardians walk them in public, they are always stopped and given compliments about how beautiful they are.  Puppies will be equally as beautiful with super silky wavy fleece coats.  We expect a wonderful mixture of red pups that look like Thurman and black and chocolate pups that look like Clio.  We also could have chocolates and blacks with white markings or even a parti or two in this litter.  So exciting!!  In short - great temperaments, soft coats and beautiful patterns for the whole litter!  


 Daisy X Thurman Munson

Accepting Reservations

 Due Date - October 2024                Go Home Date - December 2024

We LOVED Daisy and Thurman's last litter.  I mean all of these puppies were ADORABLE!  Pups will mature to be about 25-35 pounds and will be apricot, red, caramel with a chance of a couple of partis (white with red/apricot/caramel spots) mixed in.  We are so very excited about a repeat of what these two had last time, and . . .these pups will be ready just in time for Christmas!  :)