Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Current Litters

Updated October 27, 2023 

Cassie X Odie

Cassie's Fall Cornucopia Litter - 9/9/23

 I'm particularly excited about this litter because Cassie is the daughter of Annie (aka - Shenanigan), my absolute favorite dood of all time.  I wanted to make sure that we continued her line.  Annie is not only a good looking dog, she is so smart and loyal and a simply perfect companion.  My good friend, Donna, has Cassie, and Cassie is exactly the same as Annie.  Paired with Romeo or Odie, this litter should produce puppies with the best temperaments ever!!  Pups were born on September 9th.  They will be ready to go to their forever homes on November 4th.  These pups will be standard in size with an average of about 45-55 pounds when mature.  We have 2 boys - Acorn (blue collar) and Equinox (black collar) and 4 girls - Harvest Moon (white collar), Autumn (pink collar), Pumpkin (orange collar) and Aster (purple collar)  There are reservations in this litter.  


Daisy X Thurman Munson

Apple Harvest Litter - 9/9/23

Daisy has a spectacular litter of apricots and apricot partis.  It's impossible to tell from this picture but most of them have white markings similar to Daisy and their dad, Thurman Munson.  Once they are a little older and can sit, I'll be able to show off their markings better.  Please forgive the pinkish/orangish cast to some of the puppies.  I was a little overzealous with the iodine to treat their navels!  :)  We have 3 boys: Cortland (black collar), Empire (blue collar), and Macoon (green collar).  There are 5 girls: Honey Crisp (yellow collar), Pink Lady (pink collar), Gala (white collar), Fuji (orange collar) and Granny Smith (purple collar).  These pups will mature to be about 25-30 pounds on average.  They were born just a few hours after Cassie's litter on September 9th.  They, too, will be ready to go to their forever homes on November 4th.  We still have a couple of reservations on this litter.