Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Current Litters

Updated May 15, 2024

Marley X Romeo - 3/27/24

Marley had her puppies!  There are just two, but they are perfect, solid red puppies.  Meet Wilma and Fred!  Wilma and Fred will grow up to be 50-55 pounds.  They will be athletic and playful and full of love for their forever humans, just like their Mom and Dad.  Congratulations to Romeo and Marley!  Pups were born on 3/27/24 and will be ready for their forever homes the fourth week in May.  This litter is fully reserved.



 Arya X Thurman Munson - 3/31/24

Arya gave birth on Easter Sunday to a litter of 7 Songbirds.  There are 5 female puppies - Phoebe, Starling, Chickadee, Wren and Robin.  The 2 male puppies are Jay and Finch.  These pups will mature to be about 25-30 pounds and will be ready for their forever homes on Memorial Day weekend.




Cassie X Romeo - 4/29/24

 Cassie had a litter of simply beautiful puppies - 7 in total.  They are named after NY Rivers.  We are happy to introduce you to the girls: Susquehanna or Hanna in the purple collar and Genesee or Genny in the red collar.  The boys are Hudson in the blue collar, St. Lawrence or Larry in the black collar, Chenango in the green collar, Mohawk in the yellow collar and Delaware in the orange collar.  These pups are all gorgeous shades of cream, apricot and caramel.  They will be ready to go to their forever homes at the absolute perfect time - the end of June, when kids are just starting their summer vacation.  Pups will mature to be about 50 pounds.

THERE ARE TWO PUPPIES AVAILABLE IN THIS LITTER (1 girl and 1 boy) - updated 5/15/24

Just born

1 week old

2 weeks old