Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles


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Andrea Peters

From my first conversation with Denise, I could tell she was a very responsible, caring breeder. My puppy, Cosette is everything I was looking for in a puppy. Cosette is adorable, healthy, and has a terrific temperament. All traits that Denise looks for in breeding. The communication and selection process was very clear, fair and seamless. The zoom calls and emails were very helpful in selecting a puppy and I enjoyed meeting the other future puppy owners from the litter. All of the puppies she raises are beautiful, healthy and most importantly properly socialized. I have had many dogs purchased through breeders, but Denise is one of a kind. She truly puts her heart and soul in raising these labradoodles. If you are looking for an Australian Labradoodle you will not find a better breeder than Catskill Country Labradoodles. I highly recommend Denise and John.

Sarah Marie

Denise and John have been so helpful during the process of getting our first dog! She's always been timely in responses and answered all questions I've had along the way. We went to their home to meet the puppies before take home day, and she has a clean spacious area for all of the dogs to play. We took home our puppy a week ago, and he is already pee pad trained with barely any work from us. He is super smart and sweet and is already starting to pick up on some tricks! Denise also sent us home with a bag of supplies/food to last a few weeks which was super helpful. I would highly recommend CCL as it has been a super easy process and will definitely use them again if we ever get a second dog 🙂

Meg Leary Testa

We HIGHLY recommend Catskill Country Labradoodles! Denise and John were wonderful from the first phone call and throughout the process.
Denise and John had the perfect balance of support and education throughout the waiting process so our children (9&7) could learn about taking care of a puppy before we brought him home. From zoom calls with the litter and other new puppy families, to text messages and emails with updates and tips. We can’t say enough good things about CCL!

Rui Zou

Denise and John have been so wonderful during the whole journey! I can’t express my appreciation to them with my words. They are so loving, responsible, and approachable with puppies, information, zoom meeting, meet & greet, etc. In addition the adorable puppies they raised, they love the puppies and dog moms/dads from deep of their hearts. That was the important reason I chose them. They gave sooo many good resources and information to help us go through the journey of raising a new puppy, and they help the litter families bond and unite together. I sincerely recommend Denise and John to everyone.

Bob Weingartner

I can not say enough good things about Denise & John and their CCL! From the very day we decided to add to our family to today, almost six weeks after Maddie (Shannon Fitzgerald from the Irish Puppy litter of 3/22) entered our home, the experience has been phenomenal!  Nothing makes life easier than open communication.  Denise did everything in her power to keep us informed, answering our questions, and making us aware of our options.  CCL goes way beyond the necessary when it comes to . . .well . . everything with regards to puppy love and puppy adoption.  I give my 100% positive recommendation for Denise & John and Catskill Country Labradoodles because 100% is all anyone can give!

Rich Fiocco 

They are great. All of their dogs are 100%. They are one of the most Reputable breeders in the industry. You don’t know what your going to get with a lot of other breeders. If your looking for a healthy, smart, and great looking dog, THIS IS THE PLACE. They truly care about all of their dogs even after they are in their lifetime homes.

Donna Geetter 

Pretty much anytime anyone meets my girl Cassie, they want to know where they can find a dog just like her. I'm always eager to point them here--not just because Denise is a dear friend, but really because she is so dedicated to the humane, loving, and thoughtful breeding of dogs that make so many families happy. I highly recommend Catskill Country Labradoodles!

Gianna Fiocco 

Raise your paws if you think Catskill Country Labradoodles is the best dog breeder around!!!
Denise & John are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Australian Labradoodles. We are a family of 6, all having very different views and concerns about our puppy-to-be. We had many long phone calls with Denise who would answer any and every question we threw at her with ease.
We could not be more happy with Samson! (Dopey from Naya and Ozzies litter) He is the best puppy we could have possibly asked for. You will feel the same way if you get your puppy from CCL!

Baylee Jones 

My family and I are extremely thankful to Denise and John at Catskill Country Labradoodles for allowing us to have the opportunity to bring two beautiful dogs into our home. Daisy and Darby grew up healthy, happy, and socialized with Denise and John which cannot be said for all breeders. They are very warm, friendly, and welcoming people who will love your puppies just as much as you and are happy to place them in the best of homes with loving families and plenty of amazing supplies to help you with their transition from their loving home to yours

Carissa Powell Neubert 

The pups CCL raises are bred for their sweet temperament, and are truly part of her family. This allows them to adapt to your home with ease. Denise starts you off right with everything you need to be a successful puppy owner, and her support will be there for you as questions arise throughout the life of the dog. If you are thinking of an Australian Labradoodle, you’ve come to the right place.

Roberta Austin

Our Theo(Sleepy) is a perfect specimen of an Australian labradoodle. He is a chill kinda of guy who has been exposed to many environmental noises. He is a confident and secure puppy.
Theo bonded to our family in a week. He stays right near us at all times. His personality is a direct result of responsible breeding and attention to the love he was given during his first 8 weeks of life. We love him. Thank you Denise and John!!!!

Elizabeth Denman 

We love our new addition from Catskill Country Labradoodles. Snow White, now Sammie is absolutely fabulous. She came to us with perfect health, lots of socialization, and plenty of supplies to get us through the first few weeks of dog ownership. I completely trust the breeding practices of Catskill Country Labradoodles and my daughter’s dog allergies have not been an issue with our new addition. We are very happy with our decision to adopt a puppy from Catskill Country Labradoodles.

Tricia Balsam 

My sister and I were both looking for a dog to add to our respective family. She had her heart set on a lab but because of my allergies I needed a dog that was hypoallergenic. My partner and daughter did the research and came across Catskill Country Labradoodles. We were so impressed with Denise and John. I never imagined going through a breeder but to see the love they had for our litter, the commitment (Denise would take the 3a.m shift), the knowledge and care they took of our fur babies, I would recommend them in a heartbeat. My sister found a breeder she was very happy with but compared to our experience-zoom meetings twice a week, training book, professional photographs posted, personality test, microchip, photographs, updates, and a huge starter pack, I couldn’t imagine going to any other breeder if looking for a labradoodle. Denise and John were so impressive and know our sweet puppy was in the best hands. Something else that stood out to me once we chose our puppy was how Denise asked us if we had a name picked out and wanted to start calling the puppy their chosen name. They are true gems.

Nhen Hunter 

When looking for a breeder it is so important to find kind, knowledgable, trust worthy people. Without a doubt, you will find that with Denise and John. I recently adopted my first puppy with Catskill Country Labradoodles and truly could not say enough about the positive, beautiful experience I have had. They are thoughtful and caring with both your family and the puppies. Throughout the breeding and pregnancy process Denise was right there to update us and answer any questions we had; that remained consistent throughout the puppies birth and maturing!! She sent pictures and scheduled weekly zooms for us to get to know all of the puppies. It then came time to meet and take our pups to their forever homes and Denise and John sent us off with a large tote of supplies, food, treats and LOTS of helpful info!
My puppy is healthy, happy and everyone who meets her can agree she is the cutest doggo they have ever seen.
John and Denise will forever be in mine and my puppy's life and I would go back to them / recommend them in a heartbeat!!

Chelsea Blais 

Denise and John were absolutely amazing to work with. They are so thoughtful and put so much research, love and time into breeding and raising their puppies. The pictures and weekly Zoom calls were great. We have had our Toda home for one day now and he is the sweetest puppy. We would definitely go back to them in the future. I highly recommend going with them.

Christina Evans 

Catskill Country Labradoodles is far beyond what you would expect a “dog breeder” to be. I put that in quotes because, while they do breed the dogs and provide puppies, that’s only the start.
The care that they give their pups before they ever get to their forever homes is jaw-dropping. Socialization, exposure to sounds and people, constant love and attention are just the start. Denise and John help educate the upcoming owners as well. We received a book that we were urged to read. Each week we had a zoom where we would visit with the pups and be encouraged to ask questions and discuss anything we wanted.
The best part were the pictures and short videos we got every few days. We got to watch our litter grow from newborn to clumsy and ridiculously cute 8-week-old pups. We got to visit a week or two before we picked which pup was going to be ours to play and interact with them all.
Then when we DID choose and came to pick her up at 8 weeks, we got a bag filled with everything we needed for the first couple of weeks (longer, actually). Denise and John recognize that we should spend those first weeks bonding with our new family member, not shopping for stuff for her.
This is not a kennel. These dogs have immaculate pedigrees and medical screening certifications. They are also allowed to be dogs. They have run of the farm or live with guardian families as family members and enjoy life to the fullest. I firmly believe that this healthy life breeds healthy puppies. Whelping rooms are inside the farmhouse, and Mama and her pups are protected as much as humanly possible.
I’ve never met a breeder who is so concerned with the homes their puppies are going to. I feel like I’ve gotten a new family member AND a new extended family with Denise, John and all the other puppy parents from our litter.
Our two girls are happy, healthy, and beautiful Australian Labradoodle pups. Even our veterinarian, during our first two visits to them, commented on the temperament, socialization, overall health and wellness, and of course, the beauty of these puppies from Catskill Country Labradoodles.
We definitely recommend Denise and John and Catskill Country Labradoodles - we never need go anywhere else.

Joanne Giovannielli Callahan

Halona was my first Labradoodle, born in 12/30/2020. I loved her instantly! She came into my life out of the blue and I am so grateful that she did. She is beautiful, funny, talented and smart. She loves coming with me everywhere I go, & on the rare occasion I can’t take her with me, I still feel her presence. I believe her to be a true spiritual being❤️🐾❤️
Little Joan Jett now Lola, stepped into my home one week ago today, she is delightful. She spreads joy, humor and sunshine and peace. Tiny but feisty, Halona loves her just as much as I do. Lola gets along with all my dogs, she truly is a party girl.
I recommend getting a pup from this amazing breeder. The pups are a reflection of the love, generosity, dog expertise, socialization and expert care these dogs receive prior to going to their forever homes. Denise & John are true animal lovers and it’s shown time after time in the fabulous dogs that they produce. Four Paws up!!!!🐾🐾🐾🐾

Averie Baird Gachuhi

I am not sure what Denise and John do in the first 8 weeks of their puppies' lives, but they're certainly doing something right! I just spent my first week with Zuri and she has been the sweetest most loving puppy. She was potty trained in days, wants to cuddle all the time, and has already learned several commands - who could ask for a better dog!? Denise and John did such a good job socializing her, introducing her to different sounds and sensations, and kept everyone who was getting puppies from her litter up to date with weekly Zoom calls (to meet the puppies and also take lessons in Puppy 101), sending us weekly emails, and daily photos and videos - who could ask for better breeders?!

Kaja Dedijer

I was referred to Catskill Country Labradoodles by a friend and boy was she right in saying that both Denise and John made this experience so wonderful. Not only do they create healthy, beautiful, smart Australian Labradoodles; they clearly love their dogs as their children . They are devoted in making sure we, as new puppy owners , are there every step of the way. Informing us how they are doing, from vet visits and to even sending us a book on the art of puppy training with a stuffed puppy the size they were at week 2 . Their video zoom calls weekly were the highlight of our week. Always answering our questions and even helping us create a puppy litter bond with the other families . Even after our puppy “gotcha day” , Denise has made it clear that she loves all these puppies and would love updates on how they are doing. I highly recommend using them and if they sold sweatshirts that said “ my puppy is a Catskill Country Labradoodle “ I would wear it in pride! Thank you Denise and John!