Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles


Click on the dam's name to learn more about any of these girls in our breeding program:

Ivylane Peach

Classic City Anjali

Catskill's Scarlet

Signature's Phannie

Ivylane Maggie May

Dog's Paradise Nyama

Catskill's Cricket

Catskill's Cassie

Catskill's Arya Joy

Catskill's Darby

Ivylane My Girl Ruby "Norah"

Up and Coming Dams

Catskill's Daisy - ALAA-107633

Catskill's Stella - ALAA - 107634

Catskill's Marley - ALAA-107625

Catskill's Delilah - ALAA-112117

Catskill's Ginger-ALAA-112123


Catskill's Bailey-112113

Retired Dams

Lewis Manor's Shenanigan