Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles


Click on the dam's name to learn more about any of these girls in our breeding program:

Signature's Phannie

Dog's Paradise Nyama

Catskill's Cricket

Catskill's Cassie

Catskill's Arya Joy

Ivylane My Girl Ruby "Norah"

Catskill's Daisy

Catskill's Marley - ALAA-107625

Catskill's Delilah

Catskill's Ginger


Catskill's Bailey

Up and Coming Dams

Catskill's Joey - ALAA Pending

Joey is from Peach's Song Title Litter.  She was "Peggy Sue".  Joey has a deep red wavy fleece coat and wonderful white markings.  She is a standard.

Bailey-Midge - ALAA 121076

Bailey-Midge is a chocolate tri-phantom.  She has faded to a gorgeous lavender.  Bailey-Midge is a mini.  She has a silky-soft fleece coat. Bailey-Midge was formerly "Midge" from Cricket's "That 70s Show" Litter.

Clio - ALAA pending

Clio was formerly "Toboggan" in Norah's Wintertime Pleasures Litter.  She is a mini and we expect her to top out at about 25 pounds. Clio is a chocolate tri-phantom who also carries the parti gene.

Sleigh Bell or "Bella"  - ALAA 122534

Bella is one wonderful little pup.  She is super smart, easy going and affectionate.  She loves to curl up in our laps every chance she gets!  She has an absolutely gorgeous parti coat with ticking throughout her face, body and legs.  She is one very unique girl!  Bella is a standard.  We expect her to weigh about 45 pounds as an adult.

Kenley - ALAA Pending

Kenley is a red mini from Norah's Winter Wonderland Litter.  She was originally known as "Cold Snap".  Kenley should max out at about 25 pounds.  She has a wavy, soft fleece coat and a bubbly personality.


Retired Dams

Lewis Manor's Shenanigan


Ivylane Peach

Classic City Anjali

Catskill's Scarlet

Ivylane Maggie May