Our Dogs


Lewis Manor's Shenanigan

ALAA - 057325

DOB - January 23, 2017

Size - Standard (45 pounds)

Health Testing -

OFA hips & elbows clear

Negative for DM, EIC, HNP, NE, PRA, Von Williebrand


Shenanigan is everything we were looking for in a dog.  She's friendly, loving, playful, athletic, and loyal.  She's also incredibly smart.  John taught her the name of all of her toys when she was just a few months old.  If you tell her you want to play with "buffalo" or "green ball", she will get the appropriate toy.  She's been super easy to train - from housebreak training when she was a puppy to training her to run and play independently around our yard and no further than the boundaries we set.   She is gentle and sweet.  Her coat is gold with a wool coat that is curly when it is short and wavy when it is long.  She is super soft, and her favorite thing in the world is to get petted.  She does not shed at all and is hypoallergenic.  We call her "Annie" for short.  Her first litter will arrive in late summer 2018.