Our Dogs


Lewis Manor's Shenanigan

ALAA 057325
DOB January 23, 2017
Size Standard - 48 pounds  /  21 inches
Coat Gold Soft Curly Fleece
 Health Testing OFA Hips & Elbows - Clear
Negative for DM, EIC, HNP, NE, PRA, VW

Shenanigan is everything we look for in a dog.  She is friendly, loving, playful, athletic, and loyal.  She is also incredibly smart.  John taught her the name of all of her toys when she was just a few months old.  If you tell her you want to play with "buffalo" or "green ball", she will get the appropriate toy.  She has been super-easy to train - from housebreak training when she was a puppy to trianing her to run and play independently in our yard with no fence or leash.  She is gentle and sweet.  Her coat is a curly fleece coat that is spiral curls when it is short and long soft waves when it grows out.  She is super soft, and her favorite thing in the world is to get petted.  She does not shed at all and is completely hypoallergenic.  We call her "Annie" for short.  She is a fantastic mom who is playful and very attentive to her pups.  Her first litter was gorgeous!

Catskill Country's Scarlett

ALAA Pending
DOB December 25, 2018
Size Standard
Coat Red Soft Curly Fleece
Health Testing Pending

 We are so excited to add Scarlett to our breeding program.  She is a gorgeous red doodle and is being raised by an incredible guardian family.  She is getting so much love and attention!  

Classic City Anjali

ALAA Pending
DOB March 12, 2019
Size Minature - 19 pounds
Coat Dark Chocolate and White Wavy Fleece Parti
Health Testing Pending

Anjali, Jali for short, is a tiny bundle of wonderful joy.  She is friendly, loving, energetic and she gets along with everyone – all dogs are her friends and all humans, well, she feels they should be petting her!  She is one very happy little dog whose personality makes her a great addition to our pack here at Catskill Country Labradoodles.  She is a dark chocolate and white parti female.  And although we don’t want to wish away her youth, we can’t wait for her to be a mama!  Her petite pups should be beyond adorable.  Look for her first litter in 2021.


Barksdale's Red Wizard

ALAA Pending
DOB October 14, 2018
Size Standard - 50 pounds  /  23 inches 
Coat Red Soft Wavy Fleece
Testing Hips & Elbows - Pending
Negative for IC, EIC, DM, PRA/PRCD, vWD

 We are so thankful to Barksdale Labradoodles for this gorgeous boy!  We are beyond excited to have him in our breeding program!  Red Wizard has it all; he can produce every color puppy from black to chocolate to red to yellow.  He can produce solid pups as well as pups with simple white markings and parti-colored pups.  His fleece is unbelievably soft and silky.  We can't wait for his first pups to get here!