Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Anjali's Past Litters

Litter 1 - Classic Anjali X Barksdale Red Wizard

Breeding puppies sometimes comes with tragedy, and Anjali's first litter had only one survivor.  The best news to come out of this litter is that Cricket, the sole survivor of the litter, is now in an incredibly warm, loving, and kind guardian home and has had her first set of puppies for us.  She is pictured below.


Litter 2 - Classic Anjali X Barksdale Red Wizard

Anjali is one terrific mom!   In fact, she helps to "mother" all of our litters here at CCL!  She just loves puppies and helps each mom care for her litter - as much as that mom will allow.  This second litter was filled with chocolate pups so we went for some pretty tempting chocolate treats for names (most with some "vanilla" in them as all the pups also had white markings) S'more, Mocha Late, Sundae and White Lightening.  

Litter 3 - Classic Anjali X Barksdale Barkley

 We loved Jali's puppies with Ozzie, but when Barkley "came of age", we just knew we had to have a litter of puppies with him and Anjali.  We were not disappointed!  Just look at all those patterns!  This was an incredibly fun litter born the day after Thanksgiving.  Since this is the "official" start of the Christmas season, we felt secure about giving them holiday names.  Each pup was given a litter name after a famous holiday movie character.  We had: Elf, Rudolph, Cindy-Lou-Who, Grinch, Ralphie and Frosty.  This beautiful litter went to equally beautiful families who cherish their little pups!