Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Shenanigan's Past Litters

Litter 1 - Lewis Manor Shenanigan X Lewis Manor Jefferson

This was our very first litter!  It was especially special because the pups were born very late on Christmas Eve 2018 and into the wee hours of Christmas morning.  Being very much in the holiday spirit, we named them Holly, Jolly, Jingle and Saint Nick.  Three of these pups remain close to us.  Holly became "Scarlet" who still lives with us and is one of our breeding girls.  Jingle became "Daisy" and lives with a very good friend just a few miles from our farm.  Jolly became Josie and lives with a former student and grand-student in Sidney.  Shenanigan was bred to Jefferson for her first set of puppies. 

Litter 2 - Lewis Manor Shenanigan X Ivylane Duncan

Shenanigan gave us our second litter just about a year later on October 7, 2019.  These four puppies have really gone on to change lives.  Lux went to a woman who was in need of healing.  She has since adopted a second CCL doodle and is on the mend.  Darby remains in our breeding program and her guardian is one of our closest friends (who also owns "Daisy" from Shenanigan's previous litter).  The entire family cherishes her.  Brutus is with a family and is adored by two young boys.  Journey is working on his therapy dog certification.  He spends his Saturdays with his human in the library where she does a reading program that she calls, "Take a Journey with Journey" and she reads children's books with Journey right beside her.  

Litter 3 - Lewis Manor Shenanigan X Barksdale Red Wizard

This litter was born just before Memorial Day, May 23, 2020.  These pups were given names of patriotic descent.  We have Stars, Stripes, Arlington, Freedom, Glory, Gratitude, Liberty and Valor.  We anxiously awaited this litter.  Shenanigan was our first female and Red Wizard, our first male.  I flew down to Mississippi to pick him up, and boy-o-boy, and I so glad I did!  He not only has a deep red coat, but his fur is incredibly silky and straight and fluffy.  He is one gorgeous dood!  These pups did not disappoint!  Mostly red with an apricot and a cream, this litter was spectacular.  So spectacular that you will see, we repeated the breeding for Shenanigan's last litter.  Liberty went to a great friend and is still a part of our breeding program.  She is now, "Cassie".  

Litter 4 - Lewis Manor Shenanigan X Barksdale Red Wizard

 When you get puppies this gorgeous, you repeat the breeding!!  We were thrilled with Shenanigan's last litter, so we bred her back to Red Wizard, crossed our fingers and hoped for a litter just as wonderful as the last.  Guess what?  It happened!!  These pups were born on New Year's Eve, 2020.  Their names reflect the most popular human names for children born on New Year's Eve.  Each one has meaning.  For example one pup is Dagny which is Scandinavian meaning "new day", Akeno is Japanese for "in the morning" and Fai is Chinese and means "beginning".  I'm particularly please with the homes for this litter - one went to my nephew and his young family.  Fai, now "Gracie" has the most wonderful home I could ever ask for.  Farah, now "Molly" lives with good friends that John and I taught with for 30 years.  They live on a lake and absolutely spoil Molly - taking her swimming and on kayak rides.  Dagny, now "Lima" lives with Lux, from Shenanigan's second litter.  They are perfect playmates for one another.  Their human often sends me pictures of them playing in the ocean.  Finally, Halona, found the perfect home.  If you look closely at her picture, you can see Halona was born with a birth defect on one of her front legs.  She was not a dog I could or would see.  I thought she would have her leg amputated and live with us forever.  I was wrong.  A woman called me inquiring about a puppy.  When I told her about Halona, there was no going back.  She knew this puppy was for her.  Halona's human continues to do anything and everything for Halona.  As I write this, Halona is well over a year old.  She is still doing physical therapy every week to maintain her core strength.  Her human is perfect for Halona, and Halona has brought so much joy to her human.  Although it was difficult for me to accept that this was Shenanigan's, my very first doodle's,  last litter, finding such incredible homes made saying good-bye to these pups so much easier.

RETIRED - Winter 2021

Shenanigan continues to live with us here at the farm.  She is the "queen bee", and the alpha female (after me, of course!)  She keeps all the other dogs - ones that live here and ones that visit for breeding or puppies - in line.  We adore Shenanigan, our first doodle love.  Her puppies have brought love and joy to their new owners.  Below are some pictures of her pups in their forever homes.