Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Guardian Homes

We always want to be able to give all of our dogs more love and attention than they need.  Our dogs are part of our family, live in our home, and are an integral part of our lives.  In order to continue our breeding program, we will periodically need local families to help us out by adopting one of our very best puppies and raising her in a loving environment and giving her a wonderful home.

If you are a local family close to our farm, you might want to consider being a Guardian Home.  This means you could welcome a puppy into your home to be a permanent member of your family without paying the purchase price.  You would raise, train and care for the dog throughout her breeding career.  Once her breeding career was finished, full ownership is turned over to you.  During her breeding career, the dog would only come to visit us here at Catskill Country Labradoodles when health testing needs to be done, when it is time to breed or when she is ready to have her puppies.  She would stay with us here for about 8 weeks and then return to her guardian home.  Catskill Country pays for all breeding related costs (health testing, breeding fees, etc.), and the guardian family is responsible for all normal pet costs (annual check ups, vaccines, heart worm, flea prevention, food, etc.)

If you think being a Guardian Family  might be for you, here are the steps:

1.  Fill out the puppy application and mention that you would like to be a Guardian Family.  We will contact you within 48 hours.

2.  If you haven't already visited us, we will want you to meet us and our dogs.  We'll arrange a time for this to happen.

3.  We will want to visit you too!  We'll want to see where the puppy will grow up and live out her life.

4.  We'll make arrangements for you to pick up the puppy or for us to drop her off to you when she is old enough to leave.

We would like our Guardian Families to:

  • Live within about an hours drive from our farm.  We can certainly make exceptions if you are willing to transport the dog to us when she is needed (health testing, breeding, whelping)
  • Provide a wonderful home including;a fenced yard or some other means of safe exercise, feeding high quality food, giving basic obedience, providing excellent vet care including all vaccinations, and providing grooming and trimming as needed.
  • Be comfortable and confident with the relationship that you have with Catskill Country.  Keep open communication with us.  Send us frequent pictures and stories.  We appreciate you, and we want you to appreciate us as well!