Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Cricket's Past Litter

Litter 1 - Catskill's Cricket X Barksdale's Alpha Barkley

These two together did not disappoint!  We were expecting some incredibly cute little doodles, and we certainly did get them!  Cricket's guardian named her Cricket because in China, crickets are considered good luck.  After a short brainstorming session, we all agreed that Cricket's first litter would be named after good luck charms.  We are super proud to introduce her puppies: Penny (lucky penny), Bunny (rabbit's foot), Lucky Charm, Ellie (short for elephant), Lucky Number Seven, Dream Catcher, Clover (4 leaf clover) and Wishbone.

Cricket's Litter 2

Catskill's Cricket X Barksdale's Alpha Barkley

Cricket blessed us all with nine gorgeous puppies that we named after "That 70s Show" characters.  Although they all were beautiful, we ended up keeping just Midge for our breeding program.

Cricket's Litter 3

Catskill's Cricket X Barksdale's Eragon (Thurman Munson)

This was a tiny litter of 3 and named after Thurman Munson's Teammates.  We call it our Tribute Litter.