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Updated - June 19, 2022

PUPPIES Available for Nya's Litter


Meet this black beauty from Nya's flower bouquet litter.  Tulip is  a sweet girl who scored mostly 3s with a couple of 4s on the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.  According to Rutherford and Neil this means she "will be a happy dog.  Good with children.  Good for the inexperienced trainer.  A family companion."  She loves to cuddle and chase her tail.  She is the best retriever in the litter.  Tulip will grow to be about 50 pounds.  She will be ready to go to her forever home on June 29.


This little guy is a black tri-phantom!  If you look closely you can see the tan markings on his legs and face just beginning to develop. He's a real looker! Crocus will mature at just about 40 pounds.  He is super playful, curious, independent and happy.  Scoring mostly 3s and some 4s on the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test, Crocus will be a great family dog - devoted to the ones who love him!  Crocus will be ready to go to his forever home on June 29 - perfect for playing with the kids all summer long!



We found Lilac to be super smart, calm and happy during her Volhard Puppy Aptitude test.  She scored almost all 3s.  According to The Monks of New Skete, this means she, "is outgoing and friendly and will adjust well in situations in which she receives regular training and exercise.  She has a flexible temperament and adapts well to different environments . . . "  Lilac is a great mix of relaxed confidence and playful puppiness!  She will bring love and smiles to your family!  We expect Lilac to be about 45 pounds when mature.  She can go to her forever home on June 29.

Puppies Available from Maggie's Litter

We have reservations for the two black boys from Maggie's litter, so we know that they lighter boys are available.  There will also be 2 girls available from this litter.  We will know which ones in a few weeks.