Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Arya's Past Puppies

Litter 1

Catskill's Arya X Barksdale's Eragon (Thurman Munson)

Arya was named after her guardian's favorite character in "Game of Thrones" so it only seemed appropriate to continue this theme with her first litter.  These pups were pretty and sweet right from the beginning.  We kept Sansa (and kept her name) for our breeding program.  She now lives with her mom and her guardians.  It's a perfect life!  One other pup in the litter, Dani, has become somewhat of a celebrity in the CCL world.  Her forever humans used Zak George's training videos to teach their puppy . . .well . . .everything!  I continue to be impressed by all she can do.  Dani is now Ruby and is one of the cutest and well trained pups I've ever seen!