Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles



Catskill's Sleigh Bell  (Bella)

Health Information

Born - December 21, 2022              ALAA-122534
 Sire - Barksdale's Red Wizard (Ozzie)     Dam - IvyLane's Maggie May


PENN Hip - .41

OFA Elbows - negative

Degenerative Myelopathy - negative

Exercise-Induced Collapse - negative

Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis - negative

Progressive Retinal Atrophy - Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4 - negative

PRA - Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration - negative

PRA - Retinal Atrophy, Rod-Cone Dysplasia 4 - negative

Retinal Dysplasia / Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1 - negative


Bella is such a unique patterned dog that we knew right away that we would like to keep her as a breeding female.  We were elated when she passed all of the health screenings and tests necessary with flying colors.  She stayed with us past 16 weeks, and we fell in love with her happy-go-lucky demeanor, her love of all people and dogs and her affectionate kisses.  We still had her advertised as a guardian puppy, but John and I talked extensively that it would have to be a PERFECT home - one where there were other dogs, one where someone was home most of the time and somewhere Bella could have lots of off leash experiences - because all of this is what she was used to here.  We secretly knew we would never find such a home . . . WRONG!!!  Bella is in the most wonderful guardian home imaginable.  She is adored by her family.  She is a sweet and loving girl who loves to be outside and loves the companionship of her two older lab buddies.  We anxiously await her next heat and her first set of puppies, likely this coming spring / summer.  Bella is a black parti; this means she is white with black spots.  What makes her even more unique is that in addition to some larger black spots, she has tons of tiny black spots (ticking) much like a dalmation which makes her fur appear a grey color when it is long.  Bella also carries the red/apricot gene.  Her puppies could be so many colors and so many unique patterns.  Again, we can't wait!  She is a standard weighing 45 pounds.