Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Catskill's Bailey Midge


Health Information

Born - July 20, 2022                    ALAA-121076
 Sire - Barksdale's Alpha Barkley         Dam - Catskill's Cricket
OFA Elbows normal, OFA HIP - Good, PENN HIP - .32 Negative / Normal for - Degenerative Myelopathy, Exercise-Induced Collapse, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis, Neonnatal encephalopathy with Seizures, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4, Progressive Retinal Atropy, Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration, Von Willebrand Disease 

WEIGHT - 25 pounds

Bailey Midge has a middle name because we already have one Bailey in our guardian program!  :)  Midge was her litter name (That 70s Show Litter)  Bailey Midge is one unique pup!  She is a tri colored chocolate phantom which means she is chocolate with apricot phantom markings and also white markings.  Bailey M. has also, in her more adult years, turned a gorgeous lavender.  She is super playful and social and loves people and other dogs.  She loves playing in the snow and going to dog loving restaurants and beer gardens.  She also loves her doodle brother.  Her guardian mom reports that she is super excited when the family comes back from being gone . . .even if they were only away for 5 minutes.  She is affectionate and loves to give kisses.