Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles

Norah's Past Puppies

Litter 1

Ivylane's Ruby (Norah) X Barksdale's Alpha Barkley

Norah's first litter just proved what we had known all along - her puppies were going to be spectacular!  She had a rainbow litter with reds, apricots, and black and chocolate phantoms.  This litter was affectionately referred to as "The Summer Lovin'" Litter and named after characters from the movie, "Grease".

Litter 2

Ivylane's Ruby (Norah) X Barksdale's Barkley

As expected, another wonderful litter from Norah!  These pups were born in the coldest part of winter so they were named after Wintertime Pleasures.  We kept TWO pups from this litter for our breeding program - Toboggan who is now Clio and Cold Snap who is now Kenley.