Fall in Puppy Love with our ALAA Australian Labradoodles


Catskill Country's Scarlett

Scarlet has gone everywhere and done everything with her guardian family.  She is perhaps the most socialized dog ever!  Scarlet is a sweet and loving girl who is totally devoted to her guardian mom and her son.  She is very well adjusted and can come to visit anyone, but she really loves being home with her family!  She knows how to be gentle and loving for sure, but she also can kick it up!  She is very active and loves to go for walks. Scarlet gets along with all people, all other dogs, all other animals - Scarlet gets along with everyone!

Scarlet is a standard size apricot cream Australian Labradoodle.  She has a beautiful wavy fleece coat and strong, solid conformation.  She weighs 55 pounds.  

Scarlet joined our pack and now lives here on the farm with us.  She has grown into an incredibly sweet pooch who adores attention and lots of cuddling.  When she is done with her breeding career, we plan to use her as a therapy dog.  

Health Information

Born on December 25, 2018                    ALAA - 076112
Sire - Colonial Village Jefferson         Dam - Lewis Manor Shenanigan
 OFA Elbows normal.  Penn Hip - 6.0